Vehicular Networking and Intelligent Transportation Systems Research Group, VeNIT Lab, focuses on novel and innovative researches in the field of Vehicular Networking and Intelligent Transportation systems. Our aim is to bring in new and novel studies comprising protocol, network and system design; testing and measurement of the systems; developing applications and systems in the field.


V2X communication and ITS are the promising technologies of near future. VeNIT Lab aims the development and integration of communication systems, vehicular technologies, and applications for vehicular ad hoc networks (VANets) and intelligent transportation systems (ITS). We focus on providing network connectivity to the vehicle in order to enhance the safety and comfort of the driving experience with the use of the enabling technologies including vehicle sensors, on-board network and V2V/V2I communication. The goal of the VeNIT research lab is to:

  • Develop innovative communication architecture and wireless network technologies for VANeTs.
  • Develop Technology for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).
  • Collaborate with local organizations to test and enhance the developed novel technologies.