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March 28, 2024

Human-in-the-loop Connected Cars Testing Platform

VeNIT Lab continues its national and international efforts in the field of Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS), its pioneering domain, with the development of its multi-user V2X test platform. 

For many years, the VeNIT Lab V2X team has been working on numerous solutions in V2X Communication and Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems. These efforts are deployable both in the field and in virtual environments, reaching the end user. 

With the development of the Multi-User Real-Time Connected Vehicles Test Platform within the scope of these efforts, multiple users can control their vehicles in a virtual environment, allowing for the testing of developed V2X applications without going into the field. This accelerates the development and testing processes of V2X applications, reducing the time it takes for them to be implemented in the real world. 

The offerings of this platform can be summarized as follows: 

- Adding support for V2X communication to existing driving simulators like CARLA

- Validating developed C-ITS services and applications

- Accelerating test and development processes

- Allowing users to experience V2X communication use cases in a virtual environment

- Providing real-time experience of the benefits brought by C-ITS to end users 

A paper related to this work was presented at the 2023 IEEE International Automated Vehicle Validation Conference (IEEE IAVVC) in October 2023. You can review the article from the link below.