WATMON - Wi-Fi Access and Data Traffic Monitoring With The Use of Wi-Fi Sensors

TUBITAK 1505 - University-Industry Collaboration Grant Programme
Project Number
511960 TL
24 months
Project Status


WATMON aims (1) to provide reliable Wi-Fi access, (2) service monitoring for critical operations, (3) performance measurement on the network with wireless connectivity. Measuring the performance on the wireless links and at the end-to-end connectivity is primary concern for reliable communication. WATMON ensures the reliable communication and the availability of the services with the solutions developed at IoT devices and at cloud.

WATMON ensures the business continuity and the service availibility for all assets by monitoring the services and the connections for all assets. Any problem related to the communication or services are detected and reported before any incident occurs. AI-based solutions at the cloud provide insights about the network, detect anomalies and provide predictions on the possbile problems.